Marble and granite split-face

Bauce Narciso since 1968


Marble split-face

cm 5×2,5 ca x random length

cm 8×2,5 ca x random length

cm 10×2,5 ca x random length

cm 12×2,8 ca x random length

cm 15×3 ca x random length

cm 20×3 ca x random length

Marble split-face

cm 3 – 4 – 7 x 2 ca x random length

Natural quarry stone. Thanks to standard sizes, an ideal solution for outdoor cladding. Unfailing furnishing fittings in new sizes all for ambient and indoor space.
Homes are enhanced for a warmer and more harmonious welcome, so familiar surroundings can have the latest look.


Belgian Blue Stone

Belgian Blue Stone 124


Bauce 097

Giallo Reale Rosato

Bauce 097



Pietra Grey

Pietra Grey 107

Rosso Asiago

Bauce 097

Travertino Romano Classico

Travertino Romano Classico 163

Bianco Carrara

Bianco Carrara 145

Chiampo Rosato

Chiampo Rosato 168

Grigio Carnico

Grigio Carnico 109

Pietra di Farsena

Bauce 097

Pietra Piasentina

Bauce 097

Thala Beige

Bauce 097


Zandobbio 154

Biancone Asiago

Bauce 097

Giallo Atlantide

Bauce 097

Jura Gelb

Jura Gelb 155

Pietra Dorata

Pietra Dorata 184

Rosa Atlantide

Bauce 097

Travertino Noce

Travertino Noce 138


Baltic Brown

Baltic Brown 131

Nero Africa Impala

Nero Africa Impala 103

Rosso Balmoral

Rosso Balmoral 121

Ivory Brown Shivakashi

Ivory Brown182

Nero Assoluto Zimbabwe

Nero Assoluto Zimbabwe 100

Via Lattea

Via Lattea 043


Multicolor 174

Rosa Porrino

Rosa Porrino 180

Viscont White

Viscont White 150

Outdoor cladding with Biancone Asiago - Outdoor cladding with Giallo Reale Rosato

Foto Ambient. Spaccati

Indoor cladding with Giallo Atlantide

Foto Ambienteok

Indoor cladding with Thala Beige

Ambiente Spaccato in Marmo

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